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Epsilon Precision carefully reviews and documents all vendor, and owner, specifications to ensure maximum compatibility and cost performance.


We follow proper PCB design guidelines and optimize routing for the smallest footprint and portability. Typical PCB design is done in KiCAD.


All products are throughly tested, documented and proper turnover binders completed for the customer.

24/7 Support

We are dedicated around the clock to answering client questions on progress, status and even just to talk!

staff excellence

Team of expert designers, programmers and innovators!

Epsilon Precision has a staff of experienced and well-educated individuals, available on demand.

  • Awesome individuals and leadership.
  • Responsive replies through messaging.
  • Quick turnaround of deliverables.
  • Full support for your needs!

Designed in Canada

Canadian innovation, at your fingertips!

Epsilon Precision services are world-reaching; however it was formed out of the desire to put Alberta as a locally sourceable option for electronic design needs. Whether this be in the industry of oil and gas, personal electronics, or automotive, we have your goals in mind. Seldom known is that Alberta has world-class Computing Science, Electronic Engineering, and Technical institutions. We believe this education should be leveraged in full and passed to the consumer.


quality has its price

Pricings & Plans

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quality has its price

Pricings & Plans



/per hour

Consulation for your design needs. Discussion meeting about scope, schedule, cost and to learn more about our organization.

Time + Material

$ 99

/per hour

Timesheets are submitted with a detailed log of work completed. Price covers all operating expenses, there are no hidden charges.

Lump Sum



We will happily provide Lump Sum quotations for a product if required. We merely ask for a detailed RFP..

Profit Share



We believe in your ideas, but know you may not have the capital. We sometimes offer our services in return for a portion of revenue. .

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